Three Wall Welded Wire Partition


Wire mesh security partitions prevent pilferage, enclose work areas, and create customized, accessible security areas in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, tool cribs, and other work areas. They give you control of who has access to valuable inventory. Enclosures install against any existing straight wall, using three wire panel walls and one building wall to enclose area. Hardware is inaccessible from the exterior, and can’t be easily disassembled from outside the cage. Panels are constructed of 10 gauge wire welded into high-strength 2″ x 2″ center to center square mesh and secured to a 1-1/4″ x 1-1/4″ steel 13 gauge roll form angle frame on all four sides for complete security. Create continuous rows of connected cages along any wall with this design. Installation is fast because the design uses a minimum of parts. If you are attaching the partition to the wall and not to a shared post of another partition, you must order an additional post for each panel that will be attached to the wall. These can be found in the accessories section below. Doors include cylinder key locks, other lock options are available.



Lead Time: 2 – 3 weeks + transit time

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A wire mesh security cage prevents pilferage, encloses work areas, and creates customized, accessible security areas in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers. It gives you control of who has access to valuable stock.

  • Hardware is not accessible from the exterior.
  • Double-tough construction provides unequaled strength and security.
  • Installation is fast because the design uses fewer total parts.
  • The panels are constructed of 10 gauge wires welded into 2″ x 2″ square mesh and secured to a 1¼” x 1¼” steel angle frame on either side.
  • Panels are connected to strong 2″ x 2″ x 14 gauge tubular steel posts.
  • Listed dimensions reflect exterior size; enclosed dimensions are slightly smaller.
  • Standard footplates are 2″ x 7″. They extend outside the post by 2½” per corner post position depending on footplate orientation. They will slightly increase overall dimensions.
  • If you are in a seismic zone, or your floor is not smooth or even, a larger footplate may be required.
  • If overall dimensions are extremely critical to your project, contact us for assistance. We can calculate the precise size of your enclosure in advance.
  • Finish: Gray powder coat.

Installation:  Because of it’s modular design and fastening system, welded wire partitions can be installed in 20 to 25% less time compared to woven wire.  It’s also extremely versatile if having to make alterations or modifications in the field.  Sometimes obstructions such as piping or other permanent structures can get in the way of where you need to place the partition.  Because each wire connection on the panel is welded, you can cut holes in the panel to accommodate for the obstruction without losing the structural integrity of the panel without having to re-weld.  You can’t do that with woven wire!

Gate: The 5′ wide wire mesh sliding gate extends to the full cage height. Enclosure ships with key lock, two doorposts, trolley trucks, 16-gauge tracks, and all hardware. The gate is constructed to work on the left or right hand side, inside or outside of the enclosure.

Three-Sided Structure: Three-wall wire enclosure unit is designed to install against an existing wall, using three wire panel walls and one building wall to enclose an area. Cages have a 3-1/4″ sweep space between the panel bottom and the floor. The end walls must be attached to an existing wall, and are not freestanding (wall anchoring not included).

Important note: Your facility wall must be able to accommodate wall or ceiling panels to utilize this model. At-wall post connections may be required in some circumstances. Posts at the wall are recommended for dry wall, gypsum, or metal walls. Panels may connect directly to masonry, block, and some wood walls. Adding posts at the wall will increase the price and weight of your unit. If you need assistance to determine the suitability of your wall for at-wall panel connections, contact us.

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Overall Length

5'4", 6'4", 7'4", 8'4", 9'4", 10'4", 12'6", 16'6", 20'6", 30'8", 30'6"

Overall Width

5'4", 6'4", 7'4", 8'2", 8'4", 9'4", 10'2", 12'4", 15'4", 16'4", 20'4"


8'5-1/4", 10'5-1/4"


3' Hinged, 4' Sliding, 5' Sliding


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